Successfull Nearshoring: A Case Study

Omnicom goes international
Software development companies looking to outsource their projects sometimes tend to look at outsourcing as a risky business. Finding a partner is the least of their worries – the sea is plenty with fish, still. What they are concerned with
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Where marketing and IT meet

It is hard to imagine marketing without using the web, without using online marketing, without using technology to support the spread of your message. But when you think about the combination of marketing and IT there are so many options, you might not see the forest through the trees (as the Dutch say). Anything and everything is possible. But what to focus on?
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Google Plus: here be dragons

As I started getting more and more involved in social media marketing, I began asking myself – how is it possible that people are still referring to Google+ as ghost town? Yes, we all had accounts since it began, but very few people in my surrounding have been using it. Now that I started, however, I am slowly but firmly getting addicted. Both as a private user and as a company.
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How to use Pinterest for marketing?

As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, Pinterest is saying a whole lot. With over 70 million accounts (July 2013) Pinterest is a relatively new but fast growing social media network, focused on sharing images.
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